Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saol Álainn- Cis.Cism

Something about this track is cathartic and yet stressful. Saol Álainn croons over a somewhat irregular and scattered beat, "I take back 100%, take back 100%, take back". As the bubbling melodies and beats break down a bit, a much more wavy and hazy layering of synths accumulate over his vocals. Sonically, there are hundreds of textures that happen in the track. Between the breakneck speed of some and the more subtle chattering of various sounds, the contrast that happens within the track between what is chaotic and what is more melodic is beautiful in itself. The ending decrescendos into a piano-based melody and more simplified vocals. Fear not, the calm near the end doesn't close out the song. The beat comes back and 'Cis.Cism' slowly fades away, "you're all I've got" being the final lyrics, closing out in a fizz.

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