Saturday, February 15, 2014

Naomi Pilgrim- Naomi Pilgrim EP

Naomi Pilgrim's debut EP popped up in my inbox recently. I've been following her with her past releases like 'No Gun', because dang that single did so well. Her debut ep is a fantastic taste of her style and sound. 'Rainmakers' opens up the ep, a huge and deliciously percussive track that completely immerses the listener into her voice and droning, wavering bass. While the production is big and immersive, her voice and lyrics are smooth and slightly mysterious. "Don't you forget, there is a time bomb in our hearts." The second track is 'Money', a bit more soulful than 'Rainmaker' and definitely more pointed, at least lyrically.  Of course, the ep closes with 'No Gun' an entrancingly glitchy tune that is futuristic, gorgeous and lyrically (seemingly) autobiographical. Between the three tracks, Naomi Pilgrim's debut showcases a fantastic gradient from glitchy to soulful, from percussive to smooth and a cleverly autobiographical sense of lyricism.

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