Saturday, September 10, 2011

A welcoming back.

So hello everyone!
After coming back from Lithuania, being crazy jet-lagged, being without a computer for almost 1 and a half months, and suffering through the first 3 weeks of Senior year.
I AM FINALLY BACK, with a brand new laptop fired up and ready for posting!

So, I'll just get back right into the swing of things.
But let me just say, I've missed a ton of things that have happened in the music/fashion/art world and if this post, if at all, seems dated and behind the times, well perhaps it is. But you know? Yeah, you know.
This post will just be a about a bunch of going ons, the usual "this & that" style post and hopefully in the next day or so I can have a new Music To Discover up!
Also, last thing, if you have emailed me at all in the past month or so, I AM REALLY SINCERELY SORRY. I will be sure to respond to all emails ASAP!
Here we go!

Mr. Little Jeans- The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover)

Let it be known that I am generally very wary of covers. Mostly because so much of what comes out todays, in terms of what actually gets recognized, consists of: a) Glee, b) the cliche deep-guy who can string together a guitar accompaniment and a barely passable voice, or c) cheesy and unnecessary a cappella covers of songs that probably shouldn't be covered in the first place (since when did everyone think they could cover Adele for example? hrmmm?).
This cover though, just slays. It's a beautiful, etheric, ambient electronic adaptation from the album of the same name, The Suburbs, by Arcade Fire. It's an absolutely beautiful and creative re-deux of the song that breathes an airy, silken, sheer life into the lyrics and wraps itself around your eardrums and won't let go. I've listened to this cover so many times, it's not even funny, definitely the best cover I've heard all year.

Marina & The Diamonds- Radioactive

This was just a weird step in a completely different direction for Marina Diamandis.
She still brilliantly critiques and satirizes American popular and consumerist society but she does so every so cleverly by placing her lyrics in a shell of, now all to ubiquitous dance pop. It's absolutely different than Marina's first efforts, completely ditching the sense of nursery rhyme rhyme scheme and opting for entirely electronic instrumental accompaniment. It isn't a bad song, just very very unexpected and out of the blue. A wonderful effort.

Labyrinth Ear- Amber

While still maintaining their beautiful sense of ethereal electronic, the duo Labyrinth Ear have created a slightly more tropical feel in their latest song, Amber. With skewed strings of guitar or some other instrument, the duo centered the vocals around a more evident percussive beat and have such created one of the most unique pieces from their entire body of work. Beautiful.

The Drums- Money

Much like their earlier work, The Drums have created a song that I really hated upon first listen.
But then.
I realized that Money is actually a really good song. I say so because, although it keeps the expected chill-ed out vibe, easygoing, surf-rock-y sound intact, Money is a song that adopts a quick pace and a sound almost similar to The Cure. Which, by all means is a glorious compliment.
Also, I can really appreciate the seemingly uninspired but weirdly beautiful and understandable, universal and applicable.

I don't have time to write much more, but I hope this suffices for now!
Hope everyone is doing marvelously!
Love to you all!
Au revoir.

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