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Music To Discover: 51

I'm going to give you all something COMPLETELY different.
Variety is the spice of life, right?

Dominique Young Unique
(image from

Dominique is a youg, 18 year old, girl from Tampa Bay Florida. Growing up in the Robles Park projects in Tampa Bay she took not from Yo Majesty and soon honed a young, edgy, profane, energetic, raw style of her own, an intense barrage of simple-electronic beats, and heavy, HEAVY, drum beats. Dominique has a goal of taking this intense flavor of music and "taking it from the projects, to the people" and not to mention, worldwide. Dominique Young Unique blew up this year's SXSW festival and released her first mixtape, "Domination" in May.
(information from and

I don't even know where to begin on this girl.

I'll start at the beginning.
About a month ago, I was lurking through the "new music" section on
In short, NME described her as a kind of sound that "puts Thunderheist to shame". For me, those are some pretty big words. I love Thunderheist's, bass heavy, deep south-sounding, reverberating-club jams. I was skeptical and kind of just left Dominique Young Unique to herself.

(image from

I then decided to look more into Dominique's stuff. Thank. God. I did.
I am not going to echo NME's opinion on Dominique as a proverbial 'Thunderheist-killer'.
I will say though that Dominique Young Unique is a force to be reckoned with. I don't really know how to explain her rapping style. She is brutally staccato and relentless in her often-explicit lyrics. On the other hand, she can change pace from a quick, hard hitter to a loudly-outspoken girl not to mess with who can make one hell of a club banger.

Surprisingly, Dominique's style of hip am
-hop isn't like anything I've heard today. Well, aside from like, Nicki Minaj (who I love). And no, I not just saying that Dominique Young Unique is like Nicki Minaj because they are both women. I mean, both attempt to break the traditional image of a "rap-girl". Nicki Minaj makes ridiculous faces to fight the objectification of her within videos, Dominique Young Unique wears unique clothing and raps in her videos rather than just provocatively dancing to attract attention. Both are very respectable in that sense and show that although they ARE attractive, they aren't to be objectified.

(image from

Continuing on with Dominique's style.
Dominique Young Unique doesn't really rely on the formulaic drum and bass beats for her music. Instead she uses variants on house, dub, and 80s synths. This uniquely functional combination of deep-south, heavy, staccato raps and cool, vogue-y electro makes Dominique Young Unique a very compelling genre-bender. It is amazing that at only 18 Dominique Young Unique has created a powerful, ferocious, cabalistic style of her own.
She is definitely an artist to look out for.

If you like...
-Rye Rye
-Amanda Blank
-Nicki Minaj
-Das Racist
then check out Dominique Young Unique

Check out her songs...
-Show My Ass
-War Talk
-Blaster-Music Time
-Music For Millions

Show My Ass

You can get Dominique Young Unique's debut mixtape from her Myspace page.

Remix(es) of The Day
Once again, I have two remixes to share today!

Florence + The Machine- Dog Days Are Over (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Remix)
I've discovered that a lot of people bash Florence + The Machine remixes on youtube.
There is no argument that Florence + The Machine's best asset is her nebulous voice and yes, it is true, sometimes remixes take away from that marvel. Nonetheless, there are a lot of good remixes of Florence + The Machine as remixing a song does not mean keeping the song the way it is but rather re-interpreting the same song. REGARDLESS. I think this became one of my favorite Florence + The Machine remixes yet. Florence Welch's voice is wonderfully strong and the track, Dog Days Are Over, becomes chilly and danceable. Definitely worth a listen. (BTW that is one of my favorite videos ever.)

Crystal Fighters- In The Summer (SRC Remix)
So, the song, In The Summer has really grown on me since I initially posted about it.
Honestly though, this remix, there is hardly any trace of the song other than a few lyrics. Regardless, the remix is a shiny piece of dance-pop that can answer all your rave-music cravings.

For all my U.K. fans, or fans who will be in the U.K, I've caught word about a contest that I think you guys should definitely check out.
Xfm radio is hosting what will be called BestNonFest which is basically a music festival without all the pains of going to a real festival: lack of bathrooms, expensive food, tents, etc... The "festival" will feature all kinds of popular/rising stars in the music business.
Musicians like:
-Mumford & Sons
-Biffy Clyro
-Darwin Deex
-Manic Street Preachers
Not to mention all kinds of other bands/musicians that will be announced later in July and in August.

Only one lucky winner will win a collection of tickets to a gig by every band announced. Other winners will win individual tickets to gigs, cds, and festival merchandise. Everyone who enters can win any of these things!

How do you enter?
Merely become a fan of Xfm on facebook and join the queue under the tab, BestNonFest, answer a few questions and you're in the competition!

For more details just go to the Xfm Facebook page and click the tab, "BestNonFest".
There is a lot of great prizes to win, and anyone who wants to should definitely enter.


If you want a ton of new music, check out NME's Mixtape Volume 4. It has artists like Dominique Young Unique, CEO, DOM, and oOoOO.

New Studio Ghibli preview for new movie.
Holy dang, I can't understand a word that's being said but I am damn excited.

This week's iTunes single of the week is another winner, in my book.
Ana Tijoux is this week's free single.
Tijoux was born in France but when she was a teen she returned to her father's homeland, Chile.
There she grew into the Chilean rap scene.
Ana Tijoux delivers swift, tight rhymes in monotone and does it so, so well.
She's awesome, check her out.

I really need to make a trip to the library.
I read a lot last summer but I haven't as much this summer, I need to work on that. :/

I'm done with words for now.

But apparently, for my blog content.

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I can deal with that.
Much love!

(p.s Sorry the fonts are all jacked up again. Blogger was down. And bad things happened.)

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