Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ink, collages, charcoal, and shellac.

Hey everyone!

Since I've been kind of absent (again) here are a couple remixes to make amends.

In case you're wondering, I've been busy with, once again, art camp.
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If you remember, last year posted about art camp. Last year though, I was doing the graphic design program.
This year I decided I wanted to have a bit of a change. This year I decided to do the studio art program. It is kind of crazy how happy I am that I made that choice. Don't get me wrong, I love graphic design, but I much prefer the physical aspect of making art as opposed to the digital aspect. So there.
I am really wanting to take the studio art class offered at my school now.
Not only would I enjoy it, it would help with all my potential future careers: fashion design, ornamental horticulture, botany.

But anyway.
I'll stop talking about that. Maybe I'll post some pictures of my finished works, once I get them back.

Onto the remixes!

HeartsRevolution- C.Y.O.A. (Flosstradamus Remix)
HeartsRevolutions is hard to explain. On one hand they have been deemed the "ideal pop group" on the other they make chaotic, noise-like, Crystal Castles/You Love Her Coz She's Dead/Kap Bambino-y type music. So, in all honesty I can't really consider HeartsRevolution a "pop"-band. But whatever. The dichotomy of Japanese lyrics and English lyrics is really quite something. That dichotomy really echoes the pop vs. Crystal Castles and L.A. vs. New York conflict in HeartsRevolution's style and biography. This remix is quite stylish in that the glittery, incessant synths are like a pair of sequined, rhinestoned sunglasses that blind you with glitz. Once those synths drop, and indescribably immense bass drops and the whole song sounds like it was engendered in a warehouse rave. Why are remixes of HeartsRevolution ALWAYS so good?
So flossy, flossy. (Sorry, I can't help when it comes to slang-puns)

Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina- Stereo Love (Molella Remix)
Let me say. If you're in Europe, you are about 124234523 times more likely to have heard the original to this song. Stereo Love has blown up all over Europe practically a dozen times over. This remix keeps the catchy, unique-folk sense to the song and actually doesn't really do much to it. This remix is relatively unchanged from the original, aside from some house synths and some dance-y drums. Those two small additions to this already great song, somehow, makes this song even more danceable and club-centric.

In other news.
I finally bought Kelis' new album
(image from

One of the best dance records I've heard all year.
Her positive, danceable, catchy-as-hell music on this album is unavoidable. Everyone, check it out.

I'm 10000% sure this live version of Paparazzi completely blows the original out of the water.
I see Lady GaGa in concert in 9 days. :O
It hasn't sunk in yet.
Just kidding, yes it has, I'm freaking out, in a good way.


до свидания!

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