Friday, June 25, 2010


So today I decided that I'd switch it up a bit.
First I'm going to introduce you to a couple friends of mine who are pretty damn musically talented and then I'll post about a 1000 new remixes I've discovered.

First things first.

I'm going to refrain from using actual names because although I've asked permission to post about these two, I don't know how they feel about me posting their names.

My first friend goes by the youtube name Fredzo123. I haven't talked to him in quite a long while but then I discovered that he posted original content and remixes on youtube. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of amazed that he started making electronic music I don't know why I was surprised, I just was. Fredzo123's work is a marvelous combination of hip-hop, techno, rave, and dubstep. If you're a fan of any of those genres, or just plain curious, I highly recommend you check out his youtube channel.

Don't Get Lost

The second friend I'd like to introduce is (another) youtube user, Rickytutaan. Ricky sings and plays piano, and ukulele, and viola, and pretty much every damn instrument ever. This kid walks around school with various instruments, sometimes serenading whomever he wishes. He's awesome, filled with so much talent. Be sure to check his youtube and myspace out too for some super awesome covers and original content.
Here is his youtube channel.
And here is his myspace.

Off-Beat- Clara Chung (Cover)

Just Like Heaven- The Cure (Cover)

I'd like to mention, real quick, that I have a lot of super musically talented friends.
And this is just a mere sample of that large group of friends. I merely haven't posted about more friends because I don't know they have youtube/myspace music accounts, or any of that. So if ANYONE (not only just friends) wants to send in their content either post it here on Chromatist in the comments or at


Remix time!

1) New Young Pony Club- We Want To (T3ETh remix)

New Young Pony Club's new rave comeback, The Optimist, is, hands down, an excellent albums.
This remix though, is something on a whole other level. The mix begins as a discordian, yet arcanely rhythmical, reversal of the original song that then cuts into breaks and then is flooded by a heavy, syncopated, monochrome synth. A sega-genesis like noise then floats to the surface and the silvery glitter falls from the ceiling. Tahita Bulmer's vocals take the center stage and are chanted throughout the rest of the song. Just. Wonderful.

2) Chew Lips- Karen (AKA remix)

Ah Chew Lips, the melancholic, sedate dance-pop trio from East London. Karen, a single from the trio's debut album, Unicorn is, to me, a melancholic croon for god knows what. Regardless. The AKA remix of Karen maintains the blissful, simple, peaceful guitars, and quite a bit of the song's original sound. The greatest difference is in the amount of reverb, still not a lot of change, in the AKA remix which makes the song a tad bit dreamier, longing. Regardless, Chew Lips' signature biting sharpness, and Tigs' magnificent vocals are preserved. Definitely worth checking out.

3) Robyn- Dancing On My Own ( Buzz Junkies remix)

Robyn seems to know her way around heartbreak. Well, at least, I mean her music sounds like she knows what she knows what she's talking about. Personally, I never thought such a melancholic-pop song could sound so happy/danceable. Robyn's angry, bitter vocals pierce through some cool, make-you-want-to-dance beats.

4) Sunday Girl- Self Control (Fenech Soler remix)

I'm not familiar with Sunday Girl, but I know she has an interesting voice. I am familiar with Fenech Soler, and they always do marvelous things. So combined they must be great, right? Right. Bouncing synths, echoing vocals, sharp, syncopated drums, and proverbial waves of tamed, modern synths. This is a pretty great remix and can potentially through me into the musical realm of Sunday girl. Available at record label.

5) Sia- Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince remix)

Sia is just an all around talent. She makes sometimes horribly, tragic, emotional music and sometimes happy, bouncy, energetic music. This song has been, surprisingly, criticized for being Sia's attempt at becoming "mainstream" and "too pop-y". Personally, I don't think Sia will ever become diluted by "attempts" at becoming "mainstream". Regardless. This remix is a thumping, fierce, dance-y mix. The apparent fashionable-aura that lurks within this song, there is a unique edge in this song whether it be sharp as a knife or as sharp as a cheese-grater, there is no denying the uniqueness and arcane likability in this remix.

If you're a member of the Chromatist Facebook page, you saw not only these AMAZING Glastonbury playlists worth checking out:

But you also saw this cover I posted.


Anyway, I'll stop talking now. :X
'til next time.

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