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Music To Discover: 34

I know, I post a lot about electronic artists. I'm sorry, but what can I say?
I was torn between three artists/bands today.
I Haunt Wizards, who do a lot of scenester, British, rave music. I couldn't find much of a bio on them so I crossed them off.
The band Desire, I was very tempted by but they sound SO MUCH like Glass Candy I figured it would be a bad idea.

And then I remembered, Ellie Goulding.

Ellie Goulding

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Now, for a long while I have *known* about Ellie Goulding but because I live in the U.S there hasn't been a whole lot of options for me to hear her music as she doesn't have a huge following here, yet.

It wasn't until I was in St. Andrews Scotland and I saw her cd in freaking Tesco that I finally decided to look her music up. I probably should have bought it there, but I didn't. *cue regret*

Ellie is a singer-songwriter from Hereford England. She attended Hereford Sixth Form College and then moved to Kent College. Ellie left school after two years of study under a gap-year arrangement with her tutors and moved to West London. At 15 Goulding began writing her own folk music, she was later exposed to bits of electronic movement and developed her own pop-folk-singer-songwriter-electro inspired genre of music. This genre of music was in part, developed with help from musician Frankmusik. She was signed to Polydor in September of 2009 and later toured the U.K with Little Boots. She has collaborated with Frankmusik and Starsmith. Ellie released her debut album in March of 2010 and has also topped the BBC Sound of 2010 poll and won the Brit Awards: Critic's choice award.

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So, like I said earlier, Ellie Goulding has kind of been on my radar for a while but not totally.
Ellie is also part of the whole electro-pop U.K take over along with La Roux, Little Boots, and Florence + The Machine.

Now I'll begin with Ellie Goulding's voice. Now, her voice isn't really something I can easily compare to anything. It is just unique in its own respect. Her voice isn't the shrill cry of Elly Jackson nor is it the powerhouse of Florence Welch it is just the soft, glassy, yet tonally unique sound I haven't heard quite heard before.
For example her song Starry Eyed is a soft-pop-centric sound with catchy synth beats and Goulding's shiny voice floating above it all. While the song Under The Sheets is a alt-rock-drum tune with more shrill vocals and less synthey-ness.

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Lyrically, Ellie Goulding is oddly poetic. For example.

"So we burst into colors, colors and carousels
Fall head first like paper planes in playground games."

This combination of seemingly simple, yet complex lyrics with Ellie's unique voice create and interesting soundscape waiting to be unfolded. Simultaneously, Goulding's songs also sound somehow adolescent and strangely hopeful. Despite this, songs like Under The Sheets are lyrically morbid and quite tragic sounding.

Goulding also shows the ability to cover other musicians and still give the songs her own style. I am thinking mostly of her cover of Black & Gold by Sam Sparro. Her version sounds much more ethereal, less dance-y, and WAY more singer-songwriter. I still prefer the original but her efforts are not in vain and her version of this song is definitely worth listening to.

Lastly, Goulding clearly shows that as well as being able to create pop-gold (Starry Eyed) she can make beautiful not-pop songs like Fighter Plane. Regardless, in both Goulding is able to keep her original style and voice and maintain her youthfulness.

Goulding topped the BBC Sound of 2010 for a reason and she will stay a strong force in the U.K's music scene. She is only just now scraping the surface of the U.S' scene. Her song Starry Eyed is in the new super-gorey and not chromatist-approved movie Kick Ass.

That song on the soundtrack is really the only reason I'm glad the movie is coming out.

Check out her songs...
-Starry Eyed
-Fighter Plane
-Black & Gold
-Under The Sheets
-Wish I Stayed

If you like...
-Penguin Prison
then check out Ellie Goulding!

Starry Eyed

Remix Of The Day
Panic Attack- Florrie (Fred Falke Extended Remix)
Florrie is another British musician. She plays the drums and does the vocals for all her own songs. I don't really know much else about her, hopefully more info will surface because she seems interesting. Well, this remix begins with a bouncy medley of synths and then moves into a heavy drum and bass oriented trance. I really like the bass in this remix and it is definitely danceable. Check it out. (available at

In case it wasn't apparent enough, I am back in the U.S.
I really liked visiting the U.K and I hope to visit again soon. :)

I haven't got much else to say, really. I've been swamped with work and rehearsals since I've got back. But I'll give you these pictures.

(From St. Andrews Scotland.)

(Also from St. Andrews. A Poster for a Dancehall/Dubstep concert.)

I bought Bloc Party's first album in London.

(image from

I've always loved Bloc Party but this album is seriously amazing.
I highly recommend it to anyone.

Much love!
Until next time.

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