Thursday, March 18, 2010


(that is what is flashing next to me RIGHT NOW. Sorry for the bad photo, webcams take bad pictures in moving trains.)

Well hey there everyone!

I probably won't have a music post this week but I will have this post right here.

I am currently in the U.K. :D

Yesterday and the day before was spent in London and today I am on the train up to St. Andrews Scotland. Holy god. The countryside is really quite something here; all green, grey, and just quite the sight to see.

I can't really condense how much I like this country into a blog and I don't even know how much I like it yet considering I have only been in it for three days. (On another note, I am kind of horrified at the fact that I have seen numerous New Moon posters here and the woman sitting across from me on the train is reading Eclipse as I type. I digress.)

In all honesty and I am kind of ashamed to say it, but I was sort of afraid to come here. To me the U.K has always been a place I wanted to visit but I had so many expectations and preconceived notions that I thought they weren't going to be met. Therefore, I was afraid I wouldn't like it here and then be incredibly disappointed. Stupid? Yeah, I know. I was totally wrong about not liking it, I like the people here, the city, the weather, the food, the architecture, just everything (as far as I know.)

In short, in the immortal words of Crystal Fighters.


Fo sho.

The only music recommendation I am really in a place to recommend right now is a.

Tunng- Hustle (Bloc Party Remix)
I unfortunately cannot post a video of the song because youtube takes up too much bandwith on the train's wifi. So here is this thing.

I love Bloc Party and honestly I am a little surprised at this remix. When I say surprised I mean in a good way of course. I'm surprised because, for some reason, it doesn't sound like Bloc Party's other remixes. Nonetheless. It is a good remix with scattered synths and sounds, industrialized, thumping beats and cryptic, prophetic vocals. I listened to this song a LOT between Philadelphia and London. (Available at

Well I am going to sign off for now. I'll probably blog again when I get back home or maybe on the weekend, we'll see.

So long!


I've lived in deserts for way too long.

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