Friday, September 5, 2014

What I Would Have Posted About For The Past 2 Months

So I made this promise to myself to blog all summer. Well that was clearly a lie.
I started out doing really well. But then something happened?
I kind of fell out of music. I wasn't listening to much. Some things happened this summer. So all in all, I just fell off the face of the earth.
But alas, here we are. Below are all the main highlights of what I did not post about in the past two months. It's a bit soundcloud/video heavy, so you're forewarned.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Yelle- Bouquet Final

Yelle has returned. The trio has left us waiting since her (their) sophomore album Safari Disco Club (though I guess L'Amour Parfait counts). SDC was one of my favorite albums from 2011. SDC's sound was more refined than Pop Up's. It seems that whatever is coming forward for Yelle is also more refined than their previous sound. 'Bouquet Final' is significantly more minimal than past tracks from the group. The track opens up quietly, glitchy and the lyrics are delivered in pronounced couplets of syllables. Yelle's signature electronic sound is surrounding and a somehow cathartic combination of hard hitting percussion, punctuated beeps and the overflowing wave of 80's-tinted synths. 'Bouquet Final' is much more subtle than a lot of other tracks that are close to my heart by Yelle. The danceable quality to their sound is still their, but more of a thoughtful, minimal sway.

Yelle is also going on a US tour this fall and her(their) 3rd album will be released this fall as well.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tundra- Tiger

Ever the trendy genre of music, trip-hop inspired electro-indie is a hard style to cater to. I simply mean, not everyone can do it. 'Tiger' by the London-based duo Tundra is an example of the successes of the genre. 'Tiger' is a little bit foreboding, capturing the right amount of off kilter style and finesse. The rest of the track is addictively chill, full of complicated layerings of electronic beats, wavering instrumentals and simple percussion. It's quite the simple track, though sometimes that is what does it best. 'Tiger' gives me some vibes of some Cut Copy and Neon Indian tracks. Listen below.